The Webers are a husband & wife duo that create imaginative solutions for design, illustration, performance, photo, and film.


Imagination, Excellence, Beauty, Hope, Kindness, Innocence, Play


We met one night in the spring of 2008 at the University of Delaware, among mutual friends. I was carrying a huge, hot-pink spray-painted tree from its installation site and Justin was heading into the art building to pull an all-nighter making a book about a monster named the Snarkbarkfarkler. After the initial meet we began running into each other around the art buildings. Over the next months our friendship grew. It was playful, lighthearted, and always inspired. One night I saw Justin yoyo for the first time at a party in the "Pink House." I realized in that moment he was an amazingly unique character, who transcended social groups with kindness and always brought joy with his playful toy... = crush formed. We continued to hang out until the summer, and just as I thought the warm months would bring distance between us he asked me out on our first date!

Needless to say, it was great and we continued to date for the next four years. The next school year brought the era of "The Prism," our painting and art making studio space. That was a legendary year and we practically lived there - developing as artists, exploring our talents, and always hosting epic gatherings like poetry nights, sound recording jam sessions, and a blue-themed birthday party for our green rubber duck, Sherman. 

Justin lived in Japan during the spring semester of 2010 and it was during my spring break visit that we discovered a shared love for Japan's culture, creativity, and people.

After our 5-year college journey we spent a couple years working in Delaware. We continued to make art but longed to live in an urban space where creativity thrived unbounded. We also knew our pursuit of love and art was meant to be unified in marriage so we planned our wedding in the fall of 2013 and moved to NYC immediately following our honeymoon.

Now we call Brooklyn home and we are exploring a number of pursuits within the realm of art & design. Nothing gives us more joy than to use our creative talents to create beautiful, inspiring work. Justin is currently pursuing the circus arts, specializing in yoyo and juggling, and Karen is pursuing art direction - focused on food, home, and fashion.