The Weber Wedding

We wanted the day filled with beauty, love, and whimsy, and friends and family helped bring our vision to life! We wed at Baldwin's Book Barn, tucked away in West Chester, PA. It was a special place we spent time as "art school sweethearts," digging up treasures to inspire our design and illustration. We were overjoyed to have our community gather there for the wedding! Every creative element of our celebration was infused with the great talent of our family and friends! See how everything came together as captured by Sarah Culver. Special thanks to Grace Manalo (dress designer), Jenna (dress design assistant), Sammi Bateman (display & floral designer), Kristina Leo (display assistant), Bri Crowley (floral assistant), Adrienne Hall (food stylist), Knit Together in Love's Kate Groop and Lacey Koczera (knitted ties), and Ken Barber (car letterer)!